Pinckney-Crooked Lake Trail

A Hiker’s Haven: Exploring Pinckney’s Crooked Lake Trail

Hello, fellow nature enthusiasts! Are you ready to embark on a picturesque journey through one of Livingston County, Michigan’s most beloved trails? The Crooked Lake Trail, nestled in the heart of the Pinckney Recreation Area, promises an unforgettable experience filled with natural beauty and tranquil moments. Let’s lace up our boots and delve into what makes this trail a must-visit for hikers and outdoor lovers.

The Trail’s Natural Splendor

Crooked Lake Trail offers a perfect blend of scenic landscapes and enjoyable hiking experiences. Stretching approximately 5 miles, this moderately challenging trail is a favorite for both seasoned hikers and families looking for an active day out. The path takes you through diverse environments, from lush woodlands to open fields, and, of course, along the picturesque shores of Crooked Lake.

What to Expect on Your Hike

The trail is well-marked and maintained, making it easily navigable. As you trek along, you’ll be greeted with stunning views of Crooked Lake, making for perfect photo opportunities or simply moments to pause and appreciate the serene water vistas. The terrain is a mix of flat sections and gentle hills, offering a balanced hike that’s both refreshing and slightly challenging.

Wildlife and Flora

Crooked Lake Trail is not just a pathway; it’s a corridor into a rich, biodiverse world. Keep an eye out for deer, foxes, and a variety of bird species that inhabit the area. The trail is also a fantastic spot for wildflower spotting, especially in the spring and early summer, adding a splash of color to your hike.

Activities Around the Trail

  • Picnicking: There are several spots along the trail perfect for a picnic, allowing you to relax and enjoy the natural beauty around you.
  • Fishing and Boating: Crooked Lake is known for its excellent fishing spots and boat launches, making it a great addition to your hiking day.
  • Bird Watching: Don’t forget your binoculars if you’re into bird watching. The area’s diverse habitats make it a prime spot for avian enthusiasts.

Tips for Your Visit

  • Preparation: Wear comfortable hiking shoes and bring water, especially during the warmer months.
  • Stay on the Path: To protect the natural habitat and for your safety, it’s important to stay on the marked trails.
  • Leave No Trace: As always, respect the environment by leaving no trace of your visit. Carry out what you carry in.


The Crooked Lake Trail in the Pinckney Recreation Area is a delightful escape into the heart of Michigan’s natural beauty. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful hike, a family outing, or a bit of nature photography, this trail offers a memorable experience. So, gather your gear, invite some friends or family, and set off on an adventure to explore the wonders of Pinckney’s Crooked Lake Trail. Happy hiking! 🌲🥾

Address: Dexter Township, MI
Countie(s) trail is located in: Livingston
Trail Type(s): Hiking <> Cross Country Skiing <> Mountain Biking <> Canoe/Kayak <> Fishing <> Camping
Trail Measurement: 5 Miles
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