Island Lake State Recreation Area

Your Outdoor Adventure Awaits at Island Lake State Recreation Area

Hello, outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers! Ready for an escape into one of Michigan’s most picturesque settings? Let’s journey to the Island Lake State Recreation Area in Livingston County, a haven for anyone seeking a blend of tranquil nature and exciting outdoor activities. This sprawling park is not just a destination; it’s an experience waiting to be explored.

A Natural Retreat

Island Lake State Recreation Area, stretching over 4,000 acres, is the largest state park in the Detroit metropolitan area. Known for its gentle, rolling terrain, open meadows, and lush forests, the park is a natural retreat offering an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Diverse Activities for All

Whether you’re an avid adventurer or a family looking for a day trip, Island Lake offers a variety of activities to suit everyone’s interests:

  • Hiking and Biking Trails: With miles of trails winding through the park, hikers and bikers can explore the diverse landscapes. The trails range from easy to moderate, ensuring everyone from beginners to experienced hikers can enjoy the beauty of the area.
  • Water Activities: The park’s centerpiece is its namesake, Island Lake, a perfect spot for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and swimming. The clear waters and scenic shores make it a favorite for water enthusiasts.
  • Picnicking and Relaxation: Scattered throughout the park are numerous picnic areas, complete with tables and grills. These spots offer a peaceful setting to enjoy a meal surrounded by nature.

Wildlife and Flora

Island Lake State Recreation Area is also a haven for wildlife. Deer, foxes, and a variety of bird species are commonly seen. The park’s diverse habitats make it an excellent location for birdwatching and nature photography.

The flora in the park is equally impressive, with wildflowers blooming in spring and summer, and stunning foliage displays in the fall.

Planning Your Visit

  • Accessibility: The park is easily accessible, with parking available near the main entrances and trailheads.
  • Facilities: Restrooms and water fountains are available throughout the park.
  • Respect the Environment: Remember to follow the ‘leave no trace’ principles, ensuring the park remains pristine for all visitors.


Island Lake State Recreation Area in Livingston County is a true gem, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful nature walk, an exciting bike ride, or a day on the lake, this park is the perfect setting. So pack your picnic basket, grab your hiking boots or kayak, and head to Island Lake for an unforgettable outdoor adventure!

Address: 6301 Kensington Rd, Brighton, MI 48116
Countie(s) trail is located in: Livingston
Trail Type(s): Canoe/Kayak <> Cross Country Skiing <> Fishing <> Hiking <> Inline Skating <> Mountain Biking <> Road Biking <> Swimming
Trail Measurement: 19 Miles
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I-96 at exit 151 (Kensington Rd.) head S. on Kensington Rd. 1/2 mile to Park Entrance.

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