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Whitewater Ski Trail

Address: 46.0272222,-88.7013889
Countie(s) trail is located in: Iron
Trail Type(s): Downhill Skiing <> Ski Skating
Trail Measurement:
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The Whitewater Ski Trail is a trail located in Michigan.

Glide Through a Winter Paradise on the Whitewater Ski Trail

Nestled in the heart of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the Whitewater Ski Trail system in Iron County is a true haven for cross-country skiing enthusiasts. This meticulously groomed network of trails winds through a winter wonderland of towering evergreen forests, frozen lakes, and rolling hills blanketed in pristine snow.

Trail Highlights

The Whitewater Ski Trail system boasts an impressive 35 miles of well-maintained trails, catering to skiers of all skill levels. Here’s a closer look at what awaits:

Classic Ski Trails (20 miles): These traditional groomed tracks are perfect for classic cross-country skiing techniques. Trails range from gentle loops suitable for beginners to more challenging routes with hills and varied terrain, offering something for every skier.

Skate Skiing Trails (15 miles): For those who prefer the faster-paced skate skiing style, dedicated trails offer perfectly groomed corridors to glide freely. The trails include both flats and hillier sections to test your skills.

Backcountry Trails (unmarked): More adventurous skiers can veer off the groomed trails and explore the surrounding backcountry areas, skiing through untouched powder and remote, forested landscapes.

No matter which trails you choose, you’ll be treated to breathtaking winter scenery at every turn. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife tracks, from rabbits and squirrels to larger animals like deer and moose.

A Winter Playground

Beyond the exceptional skiing trails, the Whitewater area offers plenty of other cold-weather activities to enjoy. Snowshoeing, fat biking, and hiking are popular pursuits, with several trails designated for these uses. Or try your hand at winter camping, ice fishing on a frozen lake, or roasting s’mores over a crackling fire.

The nearby towns of Iron River and Caspian provide cozy lodges, cabins, and dining options for visitors looking to extend their winter retreat. Local outfitters offer ski rentals, lessons, and guided tours for those new to the sport or area.

With its pristine natural setting and a multitude of outdoor recreation opportunities, the Whitewater Ski Trail promises an unforgettable winter adventure. Start planning your snowy getaway to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula!

References and More Info

  • None
  • Compass Latitude: 460138N
  • Compass Longitude: 0884205W
  • Numeric Latitude: 46.0272222
  • Numeric Longitude: ‘-88.7013889
  • Elevation in Feet:
  • Elevation in Meters:
  • Trail Measurement:


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