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Ward Hills Snowmobile Trail

Address: 43.9866759,-85.9495118 Countie(s) trail is located in: Mason <> Lake Trail Type(s): Camping <> Hiking <> Snowmobile Trail Measurement: If you are at the trail and this trail needs the latitude and longitude please click the link below and add it to the Add/Edit Trail Form to give us the information. Click to view your current location on a map.

Rev Up for Thrills on the Ward Hills Snowmobile Trail

For snowmobilers seeking an epic winter adventure, the Ward Hills Snowmobile Trail system in western Michigan’s Mason and Lake Counties delivers in a big way. With over 100 miles of meticulously groomed trails spanning beautiful forests, hills, and frozen lakes, this snowmobiling destination offers something for riders of all skill levels.

Trail Highlights The extensive Ward Hills trail network comprises several interconnected loops and routes catering to different riding styles and experiences:

Main Trail System (90 miles) – This is the crown jewel, featuring rolling hills, tight turns, straights for opening up the throttle, and incredible scenery around every bend. A mix of challenging technical areas and smoother cruising sections.

Family Loops (15 miles) – Designed with beginners and families in mind, these trails are relatively flat and smooth, perfect for building confidence and enjoying quality time together.

Lake Trails (15 miles) – For those seeking wide-open throttle time, expansive frozen lakes offer miles of groomed trails over thick ice for high-speed riding.

No matter which trails you choose, you’ll be treated to gorgeous winter wonderland vistas. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife like deer, foxes, and bald eagles soaring overhead.

Modern Amenities While the trails themselves are rustic, snowmobilers will find plenty of modern amenities and services throughout the area. Warm up at one of the many trailside resorts, lodges, restaurants, and watering holes after a day on the trails.

Several rental outfitters provide snowmobile, gear, and apparel rentals for those needing equipment. Guided tours are also offered for newcomers to explore the trails with experienced locals. Fuel, and repair services, and ample parking areas for trucks/trailers are available as well.

With incredible trail diversity, stunning scenery, and ample amenities nearby, the Ward Hills Snowmobile Trail system is a can’t-miss winter destination for any snowmobiling enthusiast in the Midwest. Restless riders, start planning your snowy Michigan getaway!

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Winter maintenance begins when snow is more than 4 inches deep. Fees: No Fee Permit Info: A Michigan Snowmobile Permit is required for all snowmobiles on National Forest System lands.  See the MI-DNRE website for information on how to obtain a permit. Open Season: December 1 Best Season: December to March Busiest Season: December to March Restrictions: Snowmobiles may be operated on designated trails and roads during the winter season.  When available, there are links to online maps on each trails web page.  For more information on the snowmobile, regulations visit the MI-DNRE website. Timber Creek Campground is about 4 miles away. References and More Info
  • USDA
  • Compass Latitude: 435912N
  • Compass Longitude: 0855658W
  • Numeric Latitude: 43.9866759
  • Numeric Longitude: ‘-85.9495118
  • Elevation in Feet:
  • Elevation in Meters:
  • Trail Measurement:


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