Zippie's Ski Trail

Van Atta Woods Trail

Countie(s) trail is located in: Ingham
Trail Type(s): Cross Country Skiing <> Hiking
Trail Measurement: Trail: 1.5 Miles & Area: 74 acres
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This is now called Ted Black Woods Park.

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Welcome to the captivating Van Atta Woods Trail, a hidden gem in the heart of Ingham County, Michigan. If you’re a nature lover and hiking enthusiast, this trail is a must-visit destination that promises an enchanting experience.

Stretching for just over a mile, the Van Atta Woods Trail is perfect for a rejuvenating day hike. As you set foot on the trail, you’ll be immersed in a lush green world, surrounded by towering trees, vibrant wildflowers, and the sweet melody of chirping birds.

The well-maintained path meanders through the heart of the woods, offering a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The trail’s easy terrain makes it ideal for families, beginners, or anyone looking for a leisurely stroll amid nature’s wonders.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you might spot some of the local wildlife that calls this area home. From squirrels playfully darting between trees to a variety of bird species gracefully gliding through the air, every moment on this trail is an opportunity to connect with the natural world.

A highlight of the Van Atta Woods Trail is the serene atmosphere it provides. It’s a perfect spot for meditation, photography, or simply taking a moment to appreciate the beauty around you. Don’t forget to bring your camera; you’ll want to capture the picturesque moments along the way.

Before embarking on your adventure, pack some water and light snacks to stay energized during your hike. Remember to respect the environment and leave no trace, preserving this pristine trail for future generations to enjoy.

Whether you’re seeking solace in nature or a delightful outing with loved ones, the Van Atta Woods Trail offers a slice of tranquility amid the busy world. So, slip on your comfiest walking shoes, embrace the serenity of the woods, and let the wonders of nature unfold before your eyes. Happy hiking!

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  • Trail Measurement: Trail: 1.5 Miles & Area: 74 acres


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