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A Nature Lover’s Retreat: Lake Bluff Audubon Center in Manistee County

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Greetings, nature enthusiasts and bird lovers! If you find yourself in Manistee County, Michigan, and are in search of a tranquil nature escape, the Lake Bluff Audubon Center is a destination you won’t want to miss. This beautiful haven, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Manistee County, is a sanctuary for birds and a paradise for those who appreciate the great outdoors. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the unique charm of Lake Bluff Audubon Center.

A Birdwatcher’s Dream

Part of the National Audubon Society, Lake Bluff Audubon Center is dedicated to the conservation and protection of birds and their habitats. The center’s location, surrounded by diverse ecosystems, makes it an ideal spot for birdwatching. Here, you can observe a wide array of bird species, from elegant waterfowl to vibrant songbirds, in their natural environment.

Exploring the Natural Beauty

  • Walking Trails: Meander through a network of trails that wind across various habitats, including woodlands, meadows, and wetlands. These trails are perfect for a gentle stroll or a more adventurous hike, offering peaceful views and wildlife encounters.
  • Educational Opportunities: The center provides educational programs and events for visitors of all ages. These include guided bird walks, conservation workshops, and nature-themed activities, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the natural world.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: With activities and exhibits tailored for children, the center is a great place for a family outing. Interactive and fun, it’s an excellent way to introduce the younger generation to the joys of nature and birdwatching.

The Center’s Amenities

  • Visitor Center: At the heart of the Lake Bluff Audubon Center is the visitor center, where guests can learn about local ecosystems, bird species, and ongoing conservation efforts. The center also features a gift shop with bird-related items.
  • Bird Viewing Areas: The center has strategically placed viewing areas and hides, providing perfect spots to observe birds and other wildlife in their natural setting quietly.

Participating in Events and Activities

The Lake Bluff Audubon Center is an active community participant, hosting various events yearly. These include birding festivals, photography contests, and environmental education talks, offering engaging ways to get involved and meet others who share a passion for nature.

Planning Your Visit

  • Accessibility and Facilities: The center is accessible and equipped with facilities to ensure a comfortable visit for everyone.
  • Visiting Hours and Admission: Be sure to check the center’s website for current hours and admission details. While there is no mandatory admission fee, donations are appreciated to support their conservation work.
  • Respect Nature’s Home: As a visitor, you play a role in preserving this natural sanctuary. Stay on designated trails, respect wildlife habitats, and practice ‘leave no trace’ principles.


The Lake Bluff Audubon Center in Manistee County offers a serene and educational retreat into nature’s wonders. Whether you’re an experienced birdwatcher, a nature enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful day out with family, this center is where the beauty of the natural world is celebrated and preserved. So pack your binoculars, bring your curiosity, and prepare to immerse yourself in the tranquil and inspiring surroundings of Lake Bluff Audubon Center! 🌲🦉🌸🔭


From Manistee travel north on US-31 to M-110. Turn left onto M-110 and continue north for about 1 mile. Lake Bluff is located on the left or west side of the road at 2890 Lakeshore Road.

Trail Description:

High, sandy bluffs at this 72-acre site offer a picturesque view of the Lake Michigan shoreline and surrounding countryside. A gently rolling nature trail meanders through open fields, forests, and wetland areas. The yard of the Lake Bluff Center is graced with an arboretum. Two Michigan state champion trees are found here. Michigan’s largest giant sequoia and its largest sycamore maple. The Lake Bluff Center can be rented for special conservation-oriented events, workshops, or meetings.

Wildlife Viewing:

Lake Bluff is a good site for viewing many kinds of birds. Along the Lake Michigan shoreline during February and March, you may see concentrations of sea ducks such as oldsquaws, mergansers, and harlequin ducks. Watch for red-tailed, broad-winged, and rough-legged hawks in mid-April, as they migrate north. Resident bald eagles and hawks are also seen occasionally. Many large, old trees reach for the skies along the nature trail, and these giants provide great feeding and nesting habitat for woodpeckers. Wild turkeys and white-tailed deer are commonly seen along the trails as well. In August, watch for large groups of monarch butterflies that stop here to rest on their long journey to Mexico. Many people are not aware that these colorful insects migrate the same as many bird species. They spend the summer months in northern latitudes and then travel south to escape the harsh winter weather.

Facilities and Opportunities:

  • Restrooms
  • Trails
  • Visitor Center
  • Drinking Water

Address: 2890 Lakeshore Rd, Manistee, MI 49660
Countie(s) trail is located in: Manistee
Trail Type(s): Hiking
Trail Measurement: 1.9 Miles
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