Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail

Biking Bliss on Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail in Oceana and Muskegon County

Hello, cycling enthusiasts and outdoor lovers! Are you in search of a picturesque and peaceful bike trail in Michigan? The Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail in Oceana County offers just that – a serene and scenic journey through some of the most beautiful landscapes Michigan has to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just looking for a leisurely ride, this trail is a delightful destination for all. Let’s pedal our way through the wonders of the Hart-Montague Trail.

A Path Through Nature’s Beauty

The Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail, spanning approximately 22 miles, is a paved path that takes you through a variety of enchanting landscapes. From lush forests and rolling farmlands to quaint towns and orchards, the trail offers a diverse and picturesque biking experience.

Family-Friendly Cycling

One of the best aspects of the Hart-Montague Trail is its accessibility and appeal to cyclists of all ages and skill levels. The trail’s smooth pavement and gentle slopes make it ideal for family rides, casual cyclists, and anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing outdoor activity.

Highlights Along the Trail

  • Scenic Overlooks: The trail offers several spots where you can pause and take in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
  • Charming Towns: As you cycle, you’ll pass through small towns where you can explore local shops, grab a bite to eat, or simply enjoy the quaint, friendly atmosphere.
  • Nature’s Splendor: The trail is a great place to observe Michigan’s wildlife and plant life. Keep an eye out for birds, deer, and the beautiful wildflowers that dot the landscape in spring and summer.

Preparing for Your Ride

  • Equipment: Ensure your bike is in good condition. Don’t forget your helmet for safety, and consider bringing a repair kit for longer rides.
  • Stay Hydrated: Carry water, especially on warm days, and snacks to keep your energy up.
  • Respect the Trail: Stay on the path, respect fellow trail users, and leave no trace to help preserve the beauty of the trail.

Planning Your Visit

  • Trail Access: The trail is easily accessible with multiple entry points, including in the towns of Hart and Montague.
  • Accommodations: For those looking to extend their visit, the area offers various lodging options, from cozy bed and breakfasts to camping sites.
  • Local Attractions: Besides the trail, Oceana County boasts beautiful beaches, lighthouses, and other outdoor attractions worth exploring.


The Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail in Oceana County is not just a pathway for biking; it’s a journey through the heart of Michigan’s natural splendor. Whether you’re seeking a day of active adventure or a peaceful ride through picturesque settings, this trail promises a delightful and memorable experience. So grab your bike, invite friends or family, and set off on a cycling adventure that’s sure to be both refreshing and invigorating. Happy biking! 🚴‍♀️🌳🌼🚴‍♂️

It is a bicycle trail that runs from the city of Montague in Muskegon County to the city of Hart in Oceana County, Michigan. The trail is on the route of a former railroad. It was one of the first “Rails to Trails” projects in the state of Michigan, its success paved the way for more trails throughout the state and Midwest. The trail’s total length is 22 miles, however, continuous expansions have increased that length in recent years with the hope of linking it to other trails throughout Western Michigan.

The trails go through the following communities.

  • Montague, Michigan
  • Rothbury, Michigan
  • Shelby, Michigan
  • Mears, Michigan
  • Hart, Michigan

The Hart-Montague Trail State Park is a paved, 22-mile trail passing through rural, forested lands. Scenic overlooks and picnic areas are located along the route. The DNR currently provides only emergency maintenance services and seeks governmental agencies to operate and maintain its linear park trails.


  • Designated Watchable Wildlife Site
  • Biking  
  • Hiking  
  • Snowmobile Area – 4″ of snow is required in order to snowmobile on this trail.
  • Cross Country Ski

Address: 43.55072,-86.3461212
Countie(s) trail is located in: Oceana <> Muskegon
Trail Type(s): Cross Country Skiing <> Hiking <> Inline Skating <> Road Biking <> Snowmobile
Trail Measurement: 22.5 Miles
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