Muskegon County, MI

Trail Names

Bike Trails Horse Trails Cross country ski trails Ski skating Trails Hiking trails Mountain biking trails ATV trails Snowmobile trails Snowshoe trails Kayak trails Inline skating trails

Duck Lake-Paved Trail

    Cross Country Skiing Duck Lake-Paved Trail   Hiking Duck Lake-Paved Trail            

Grand Haven/Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Trails

Biking Grand Haven/Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Trails   Cross country skiing Grand Haven/Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Trails   Hiking Grand Haven/Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Trails           Inline skating Grand Haven/Spring Lake/Ferrysburg Trails

Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail State Park

Biking Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail State Park   Cross country skiing Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail State Park   Hiking Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail State Park           Inline skating Hart-Montague Bicycle Trail State Park

Hoffmaster-Dune Overlook

        Hiking Hoffmaster-Dune Overlook            

Hoffmaster-Homestead Trail

    Cross Country Skiing Hoffmaster-Homestead Trail   Hiking Hoffmaster-Homestead Trail            

Hoffmaster State Park

    Cross country skiing Hoffmaster State Park   Hiking Hoffmaster State Park            


        Hiking Hoffmaster-Walk-a-Mile            

Howard Christensen Nature Center

    Cross country skiing Howard Christensen Nature Center   Hiking Howard Christensen Nature Center            

Montague-Berry Trail

Biking Montague-Berry Trail   Cross country skiing Montague-Berry Trail   Hiking Montague-Berry Trail Mountain biking Montague-Berry Trail         Inline skating Montague-Berry Trail

Muskegon-Devil's Kitchen

    Cross Country Skiing Muskegon-Devil's Kitchen   Hiking Muskegon-Devil's Kitchen            

Muskegon-Dune Ridge

    Cross Country Skiing Muskegon-Dune Ridge   Hiking Muskegon-Dune Ridge            

Muskegon-Hearty Hiker

    Cross Country Skiing Muskegon-Hearty Hiker   Hiking Muskegon-Hearty Hiker            

Muskegon Lakeshore Trail

Biking Muskegon Lakeshore Trail   Cross country skiing Muskegon Lakeshore Trail   Hiking Muskegon Lakeshore Trail           Inline skating Muskegon Lakeshore Trail

Muskegon-Loop to Loop

    Cross Country Skiing Muskegon-Loop to Loop   Hiking Muskegon-Loop to Loop            

Muskegon-Lost Lake

    Cross Country Skiing Muskegon-Lost Lake   Hiking Muskegon-Lost Lake            

Muskegon-Scenic Ridge

    Cross Country Skiing Muskegon-Scenic Ridge   Hiking Muskegon-Scenic Ridge            

Muskegon State Park

    Cross country skiing Muskegon State Park   Hiking Muskegon State Park         Canoe or Kayak the Muskegon State Park  

Owasippe Scout Reservation

    Country skiing Owasippe Scout Reservation   Hiking Owasippe Scout Reservation Mountain biking Owasippe Scout Reservation          

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