Cheboygan County, MI

Trail Names

Bike Trails Horse Trails Cross country ski trails Ski skating Trails Hiking trails Mountain biking trails ATV trails Snowmobile trails Snowshoe trails Kayak trails Inline skating trails

Aloha Inland Waterway

                  Canoe or Kayaking Aloha Inland Waterway  

Aloha State Park

Biking Aloha State Park Horseback Riding Aloha State Park     Hiking Aloha State Park     Snowmobiling Aloha State Park   Canoe or Kayaking Aloha State Park  

Black Lake Trail

            ATVing Black Lake Trail        

Black Mountain Forest Recreation Area

    Cross Country Skiing Black Mountain Forest Recreation Area   Hiking Black Mountain Forest Recreation Area Mountain Biking Black Mountain Forest Recreation Area ATVing Black Mountain Forest Recreation Area Snowmobiling Black Mountain Forest Recreation Area      

Bummer's Roost Motorcycle Trail

            ATVing Bummer's Roost Motorcycle Trail        

Burt Lake Foot Trail

    Cross Country Skiing Burt Lake Foot Trail   Hiking Burt Lake Foot Trail            

Burt Lake-Inland Waterway

                  Canoe or Kayaking Burt Lake-Inland Waterway  

Burt Lake State Park

    Cross Country Skiing Burt Lake State Park   Hiking Burt Lake State Park         Canoe or Kayaking Burt Lake State Park  

Cheboygan-Black Trail

    Cross Country Skiing Cheboygan-Black Trail   Hiking Cheboygan-Black Trail Mountain Biking Cheboygan-Black Trail          

Cheboygan-Blue Trail

    Cross Country Skiing Cheboygan-Blue Trail   Hiking Cheboygan-Blue Trail Mountain Biking Cheboygan-Blue Trail          

Cheboygan-Gaylord Trail

        Hiking Cheboygan-Gaylord Trail Mountain Biking Cheboygan-Gaylord Trail   Snowmobiling Gaylord Trail      

Cheboygan-Green Trail

    Cross Country Skiing Cheboygan-Green Trail   Hiking Cheboygan-Green Trail Mountain Biking Cheboygan-Green Trail          

Cheboygan-Red Trail

    Cross Country Skiing Cheboygan-Red Trail   Hiking Cheboygan-Red Trail Mountain Biking Cheboygan-Red Trail          

Cheboygan State Park

    Cross Country Skiing Cheboygan State Park   Hiking Cheboygan State Park Mountain Biking Cheboygan State Park       Canoe or Kayaking Cheboygan State Park  

Cheboygan-Yellow Trail

    Cross Country Skiing Cheboygan-Yellow Trail   Hiking Cheboygan-Yellow Trail Mountain Biking Cheboygan-Yellow Trail          

Colonial Point Memorial Forest

    Cross Country Skiing Colonial Point Memorial Forest   Hiking Colonial Point Memorial Forest            

High Country Pathway

        Hiking High Country Pathway Mountain Biking High Country Pathway          

Inspiration Point Pathway

        Hiking Inspiration Point Pathway            

Lost Tamarack Pathway

    Cross Country Skiing Lost Tamarack Pathway   Hiking Lost Tamarack Pathway Mountain Biking Lost Tamarack Pathway          

Mackinaw City - Hawks Trail

Biking Mackinaw City - Hawks Trail   Cross Country Skiing Mackinaw City - Hawks Trail   Hiking Mackinaw City - Hawks Trail Mountain Biking Mackinaw City - Hawks Trail         Inline Skating

Midland-Mackinac Trail

    Cross country skiing Midland-Mackinac Trail   Hiking Midland-Mackinac Trail Mountain biking Midland-Mackinac Trail          

Red Bridge Motorcycle Trail

            ATVing Red Bridge Motorcycle Trail        

Seven Springs Nature Preserve

        Hiking Seven Springs Nature Preserve            

Shingle Mill Pathway

    Cross Country Skiing Shingle Mill Pathway   Hiking Shingle Mill Pathway Mountain Biking Shingle Mill Pathway          

Tomahawk Motorcycle Trail

            ATVing Tomahawk Motorcycle Trail        

Wildwood Hills Pathway

    Cross Country Skiing Wildwood Hills Pathway   Hiking Wildwood Hills Pathway Mountain Biking Wildwood Hills Pathway          

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